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Advocacy – Climate Change – Random Ideas

From ‘Sustainability Essays’ – for our Masters participants: our Advocacy re: Climate-Change – Random Suggestions – How have these stood up? Some random ideas on things to do about Climate Change: Establish regarding the Government’s Head of Atmosphere (can’t remember his exact … Continue reading

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Companies Act – Maximising Shareholder Value – Time for Change

Something that has been suggested by Finance Directors attending our Environmental Accounting seminars over the years is that the Companies Acts need to be brought up to date in what they require of company directors. The suggestion has been made … Continue reading

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Sustainable Business and Integration

Increasingly we recognise environmental (and social) limits.  With this change comes opportunity.  Companies can best meet this with an integrated approach. [ The CSEM-BMP Sustainability Leadership Programme includes an Integration module.  The following essay is based on insights gained from … Continue reading

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Contract Administration – a brief orientation

“The future of the (Environmental and Sustainability Management) profession will involve requirements for highly developed professional management capability and technical skills, and these will need to include contracting skills to contract the resources needed to handle the many and varied … Continue reading

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On the “Myth of Global Warming”

The ‘Myth of Global Warming’ is contradicted by your own and my own experience. We are facing a period of rapid climate change (CC). The science has been very heavily funded for 20 years and the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate … Continue reading

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