On the “Myth of Global Warming”

The ‘Myth of Global Warming’ is contradicted by your own and my own experience. We are facing a period of rapid climate change (CC). The science has been very heavily funded for 20 years and the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, which is the UN focus for this has commissioned thousands of studies. In my view, it is not the poodle of some sect of environmental scientists hell-bent on rail-roading the world into topping up their research budgets. This is a strange Anglo-American myth of its own amongst those who are not mainstream CC researchers.

I was regarded through the first half of this decade as a leading UK ‘expert’ on CC (one of my former students became Programme Manager for the UNFCCC)and invited to various national CC gatherings. The Brits during this period were amazing for their ignorance of the science – even amongst those thought of as CC opinion leaders. There are many around the world who are far better informed.

The best immediate sources of update on the science are the UN IPCC, the UNFCCC, and the UK Hadley Centre. Plymouth has also been an early leader in seeing the importance of environmental and sustainability science and management. There are good standard texts. It is worth knowing that Exxon funded at least some 12 CC denial groups over a good period. Finally several ‘accelerating’ feedback loops have been identified in the last five years and the related and requisite scientific research is not yet in the
latest IPCC updates.

Ross King,
Professor Emeritus, MA (Oxon), CEnv, MIEMA.

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