Hello, welcome to CSEM-BMP Comment

Welcome to CSEM-BMP Comment. Here Professor Ross King, I and other senior members of CSEM-BMP Staff will be posting comment on issues we find interesting, with the intention that you may find them of interest also.

Michael Baker.
Joint Programme Director, CSEM-BMP

PS We have placed a few posts on CSEM-BMP Comment based on papers and emails that we have written over the past year, to give an indication of the type of comment you can expect here in the future.

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Contract Administration – a brief orientation

“The future of the (Environmental and Sustainability Management) profession will involve requirements for highly developed professional management capability and technical skills, and these will need to include contracting skills to contract the resources needed to handle the many and varied responsibilities.”
Ross King, p421, ‘The Future of the Profession’, Environmental Management in Organisations, IEMA Handbook 2005

“Oh, for a magic wand…” – English saying

Practicalities of reaching a contract with a supplier

When a contract comes up for agreement, it normally takes someone skilled in contracting/ contract administration at least six weeks to sort out, since each round of work triggers other important thoughts and considerations. This does not mean at all that this work will consume six man-weeks. From an initial draft contract document, it encompasses successive rounds of each Party considering and responding to the other’s drafts and redrafts – and coming to a competent and amicable agreement.
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On the “Myth of Global Warming”

The ‘Myth of Global Warming’ is contradicted by your own and my own experience. We are facing a period of rapid climate change (CC). The science has been very heavily funded for 20 years and the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, which is the UN focus for this has commissioned thousands of studies. In my view, it is not the poodle of some sect of environmental scientists hell-bent on rail-roading the world into topping up their research budgets. This is a strange Anglo-American myth of its own amongst those who are not mainstream CC researchers.
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Measuring Sustainability

Professor King and I have an on going conversation about how to measure the sustainability of a company. On a theoretical basis I hold that just like pregnancy, a company can not be partly sustainable and due to the interlinked nature of the global economy, no company can be sustainable until all companies are sustainable. However Professor King has persuaded me to his point of view that on a practical level this is not helpful. So we have been looking at a practical way of measuring the sustainability of a company.
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5 Steps to Easy Report Writing

Originally written as a guide to writing assignments, this is also applicable to writing reports and papers.

The following are five simple steps to easy report writing.

Step One

Remember the advice to Army instructors:

  • Tell them what your are going to tell them.
  • Tell them
  • Tell them what you have told them.

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